Saw this old blog of mine which has been dormant for a very long time. Wishing for a eureka to hit me soon!

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I’m Back!

Hang on. There will be more.

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Research Momentum

Research is a type of art, where patience is most necessary. Having a research in college is very difficult especially if you have no drive to do so because you do not love what you are doing.

My very big dilemma these days is my thesis. Well, it is not actually a thesis, it is research. Most of us have misconception in what we call “thesis” in college. Actually, the rigth term is research. Why? Because we are just making a research for the main umbrella, or the thesis. Under thesis are bunches of researches.

It is kind of depressing that I have no motivation to do my research. I have no willpower to do so. As what our research adviser told us, we should do our research while we have the momentum. Momentum. It echoed until the deepest part of my brains.

I want to graduate on time and I need this so-called momentum to finish my research, or else, I will not be to graduate by April 2012. Momentuuuuum, where are you?? Please help meeeeeeee..

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Schizophrenic: Innocent

Committing a crime is a very big disobedience in the law. However, there are instances that a suspect has some “personal” reason why he did that crime. Sometimes, he did not even know that what he did was a crime.

Schizophrenia is a mental disorder  which involves  a psychotic phase.  It causes impairment in the social functioning of the individual for almost 6 months.

Individuals with this disorder may develop significant loss of interest or pleasure. Likewise, some may develop mood abnormalities (e.g., inappropriate smiling, laughing, or silly facial expressions; depression, anxiety or anger). Often there is day-night reversal (i.e., staying up late at night and then sleeping late into the day). The individual may show a lack of interest in eating or may refuse food as a consequence of delusional beliefs. Often movement is abnormal (e.g., pacing, rocking, or apathetic immobility). Frequently there are significant cognitive impairments (e.g., poor concentratiion, poor memory, and impaired problem-solving ability). The majority of individuals with Schizophrenia are unaware that they have a psychotic illness. This poor insight is neurologically caused by illness, rather than simply being a coping behavior. This is comparable to the lack of awareness of neurological deficits seen in stroke. This poor insight predisposes the individual to noncompliance with treatment and has been found to be predictive of higher relapse rates, increased number of involuntary hospitalizations, poorer functioning, and a poorer course of illness. Depersonalization, derealization, and somatic concerns may occur and sometimes reach delusional proportions. Motor abnormalities (e.g., grimacing, posturing, odd mannerisms, ritualistic or stereotyped behavior) are sometimes present.

Suicide is an important factor in shortening the life expectancy of people with schizophrenia, because approximately 10% of individuals with Schizophrenia commit suicide – and between 20% and 40% make at least one suicide attempt. There is an increased risk of assaultive and violent behavior. The major predictors of violent behavior are male gender, younger age, past history of violence, noncompliance with anti psychotic medication, and excessive substance use.

Actually, schizophrenic are not that violent. However, some symptoms of schizophrenia are associated with violence. And the major problem about them is the tendency to commit suicide.

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My Memory, My Personality

The word “personality” came from the Latin words “per” and “se”, which literally means “to see through.” Personality is defined as the configuration of individual characteristics and ways of behaving which describe an individual unique adjustment to his environment. it includes all those characteristics of the person that are important in his adjustment in his self-respect.

Individual uniqueness arises due to his personality. He acts according to what kind of person he believes he is.

Personality is affected by memory, how a person store, interpret abd retrieve information. Memory is often referred to as remembering and forgetting. How a person remember things greatly affects his personality.

For an instance, you know that your mother wants to be pampered everyday. So if you you stored that information in your long-term memory, you can remember that information. Hence, you will become sweet to your mother. This will make your personality a loving and caring daughter/son. However, if you tend to be forgetful about important things, for example, in your mother’s life, you are known to be unthoughtful and rude.

Memory is a very broad course. Learning can be also attributed to memory. Past experiences can teach you the lessons in life which can alter your personality.

An example of which is when in the past you were so friendly and trustful with almost everyone. But then, someone fooled and betrayed you. So from that point, you trust no one and you tend to be aloof even with your friends.

A positive example in learning is when, before you do not believe in love, you are philophobic. Then, someone come along and teach you how to love. All of a sudden, your personality changed. nlike before that you are distant with the opposite sex, bitter and uninspired, now, you become jolly, sees beautiful in everything and highly motivated in doing things.

Indeed, memory plays an important part in someone’s personality. It may alter your personality to either bad or good. But one thing is for sure, you are “all the other, like some other and like no other.” Live life in your own unique way. 🙂

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Who Am I?

All of us have our own personalities. Personalities define us and mold us to be a unique individual. Personalities help us motivate in which career we want to be in. For example, you are a quiet person, reserved, and would want to prefer to be alone when doing something, so you would like to work in offices where you stay in your own cubicle, go out when just needed. However, when you are an extroverted, outspoken person, you would tend to be happy-go-lucky and would like to be in the noisy world of entertainment or the likes.

Amongst others, personality is very important in developing each person’s agenda in life. It makes you realize who really you are. But at the end of the day you will realize what’s your worth in living in this world of uncertainties, where opposite attracts.

We will often wonder why is it that our comrades have opposite personalities compared to us? Maybe that satisfies why tho ends meet. To identify myself, I will list here below 20 personality traits, identifications I know about myself.

1. I am a quiet-type of person for those whom I not know well.

2. I am trustful to people that’s why, I am used to be taken advantage.

3. I am kind to those who need help even I, myself have nothing.

4. I sometimes tend to be lazy to do home chores. hehe

5. I am struggling in my studies to uplift my family from poverty.

6. I am sacrificing my own sake for my family.

7. I am conservative-minded.

8. I am ambitious.

9. I am emotional. I keep my feelings in my own self.

10. I am tough because I have passed through many struggles in life.

11. I am an artist.

12. I love children.

13. I am loner. I prefer to be alone.

14. I love to sketch!

15. I am a dreamer.

16. I am dependent.

17. I hate bikes! but i want to learn to ride motorcycles..

18. I am unpredictable.

19. I am fond of dramas..huuhuu

20. I am satisfied.

Twenty items to note who really I am but it is so difficult to jot down. All i know is I am who I am. 🙂

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The Fifth Stage of Cognitive Development: Post-operational Development

Cognitive development is the construction of thought processes, including remembering, problem solving, and decision-making, from childhood through adolescence to adults. This development refers to how a person perceives, thinks, and gains understanding of his or her world through the interaction of genetic and learned factors.

Jean Piaget’s four stages of development are the following: sensorimotor, pre-operational, concrete and formal operational.

Sensorimotor stage is the development wherein knowledge of the world is limited, but developing, because it is based on physical interactions and experiences. Sensorimotor involves six sub-stages, in which intelligence is demonstrated through motor activity without the use of symbols. In about seven months of age, children acquire opject permanence (memory). Physical development (mobility) allows the child to begin developing new intellectual abilities.

The next stage is the pre-operational stage. Intelligence is shown through the use of symbols, language use is more developed, and memory and imagination are also developed. However, thinking is done in a non-logical, non-reversible manner. Also, toddlers tend to be egocentric.

Concrete operational stage is the next stage. It started during the elementary and early adolescence years. This stage is characterized by conservation, intelligence is done through logical and systematic manipulation of symbols related to concrete objects. Operational thinking develops and egocentric behavior diminished.

The last stage of Piaget’s cognitive development is the formal operational stage occurring during adolescence until adulthood. Logical use of symbols related to abstract concepts is the measure of intelligence.

There are debates in Piaget’s Cognitive Development. One of the issues is that Piaget’s study is bias because he used his children in his experiment. Another is the nature vs. nurture arguement.

Given the opportunity to add the fifth stage of development, it should be the gradual vanishing of thoughts by the adults or the old-aged. In this stage, adults are unable to remember, or slightly remember things. Adults are known to be like this especially the senior citizens.

This stage is called the post-operational development. Adults, in this stage, are having hard time to remember things, people and thoughts. An example situation is when your grandparents keep on asking who you are for the nth time.

This stage is considered to be development, despite the fact that instead of increasing thoughts, thoughts are being deteriorated, because as part of an individual’s development is also the decreasing of thoughts and sometimes losing them.

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Alarming Mood Swing

Humans are capable of having several emotions. Emotions are associated with mood, temperament, personality and motivation.

Mood swings are the easily changing of emotions, from one to another. Mood swings are often encountered by women who are having PMS or Pre-menstrual Syndrome. Mood swings are due to hormonal changes.

People with mood swings puzzles me a lot. This is because by a sudden moment of time, a person varies his/her emotions, from happy to sad, or vice versa.

Everytime I encounter people with mood swings, I keep on thinking why and how can they switch from one emotion to another. For example, a person acts very friendly unto you, then in a snap of a hand, he/she became hostile, angry without proper reasons.

I keep on thinking how can their brain manage to interpret messages swiftly from an opposite emotion to another.  Then, I concluded that there is something wrong about them. Maybe, they have a mental disorder or the likes.

And so, I have decided to research on this behavior. Based on my research, mood swing is associated with mood disorder, PMS, depression and bipolar disorder. Mood swing is affected by hyperactivity, which is a symptom of ADHD and Asperger Syndrome.

Mood swing attacks more women than men. According to an article,reproductive, hormonal, genetic or other biological factors; abuse and oppression; interpersonal factors; and certain psychological and personality characteristics affect the depression of women.

I have a friend, I do not know if we are still fiends, because the last time, she got angry and I do not know why. The last time, we are having a lunch together with our other classmates. We were talking and doing stuffs we used to do. Eventually, she got mad, pout her lips and did not talk to me. I do not know the reason why. I just let her do that. I talk to her, as if I did not notice anything. I thought that she will be awaken soon that I have nothing to do wrong with her that she has no reason why to get mad with me.

That is why I am very puzzled with this behavior, mood swing, because it is sort of alarming and it affects someone’s social  relationship.

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Effective Sleeping Habit

Sleep is defined as a bodily rest. During sleep, your brain is active but your body is at rest. Sleeping is important because it enables you to relax your mind and to recharge your body for another batch of tasks. Without sleeping or lacking time asleep leads to irritablity, anxiety, unattentiveness, unalertness and others.

Sleep varies throughout the lifetime. Newborn infants sleep 16-18 hours peer day. Children in pre-schools sleep between 10-12 hours a day and school-aged children and teeens need 9 hours of sleep a night. Adults, however, only need 7-8 hours of sleep.

Human body has a circadian rhythm which acts as our biological clock. This clock is oftentimes stable. However, there are some factors that intervene circadian rhythm. And if your biological clock has been disturbed, you can always manage to return toy uor regular sleeping habit.

Oftentimes, I go to bed around 9 in the evening.Eventhough I am not sleepy, I am lying in bed to relax my tired body. I just lie in my bed thinking of things and sometimes, singing. And when I feel sleepy, I directly went to sleep. I wake up around 6 am. Most of the time, I wake up minutes earlier than my alarm clock. So, I do not need that much my alarm clock.

However, there are times that we have to do something that interrupts our sleeping habits. We have to sleep later than our ordinary sleeping time and wake up earlier than usual especially during exams. By the next nights, we are having hard times to sleep on the usual hour.

In my case, last week, we have our field trip in Aklan. We stayed in a dorm. Since I cannot easily sleep when I am not in my own room, I have a hard time to go to sleep. That day, I have not slept and only during the trip that I have fallen asleep.

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Human Night Vision: Possible

Humans are very complex – from the strands of our hair until the tips of our toes. We, humans, are complicatedly done. So many parts. So many functions.

One of the parts of the body that amazingly functions is the brain. The brain is responsible in interpreting signals the nerves have sent and send back interpreted messages back to be done through motor skills.

Human vision is one of the parts that has a limited capacity. Vision is a complicated process that require a numerous parts of eye and brain to work together.

Given the power to add a part in the human brain, I’ll put a light adaptor in the occipital lobe. Occipital lobe is an area in the brain which is responsible in the visual role of the eyes. This light adaptor will be connected to the tapetum lucidum of the eyes. Tapetum Lucidum is responsible to the night vision of most animals.

The light adjustment in the brain automatically functions whenever humans are on dark areas, especially during the night. Human visions are limited in dark areas, thus, humans are in danger if ever they cannot see their “opponents”.

Life is a matter of survival. We compete for survival. As they say, “Life is a battle of the fittest.” There are several competitors in life, internal or external. Internal competitors consist of ourself. External competitors are the other humans, animals, and the likes.

Humans are incapacitated during the night unlike any other animals because humans lack tapetum lucidum. If ever humans have this night vision, humans are competent enough to deal challenges in life during the night.

Unfinished business during the day can be done during the night especially field works. Electricity can also be used less often. Instead of using flashlights, people could walk in a dark night bringing nothing.

Another example is that, when a person is lost in a jungle, he can easily find way out. Jungles are known to be dark because of thick vines on the forest ceilings. If ever humans have this tapetum lucidum, they can see what they are stepping at and they can get out with lesser scratches and injuries.

Having a night vision is a great help for humans. A keen visual capabilities will enable humans to easily adapt when the intensity of light changes. With this, humans are more likely to survive.

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